Sense of Place and Nature Guides

Arnside Knott © David Morris
Sunset © Tony Riden
Knot © Ben Andrew

When people ask us why we think Morecambe Bay is special, they are usually interested to hear about the unique qualities and characteristics that define the area. We'll talk to them about:

  • the landscape, wildlife and environment
  • the culture and history
  • the places you can explore and activities you can do
  • the taste of the local food and drink
  • local traditions
  • how it makes us feel and the memories we have

We've been working with businesses to develop a Sense of Place Toolkit that brings together some of the qualities and characteristics that make Morecambe Bay distinctive and unique.  

We hope businesses can use the ideas, information, quotes and photos in the toolkit and the Nature on your Doorstep Guides to help give visitors a richer experience when they visit the Morecambe Bay area for their holiday or break. We hope it'll encourage them to stay for more than a day and come back to visit another time.