Sense of Place Toolkit

oystercatcher © Andy Hay rspb
Early purple orchid © Arnside & Silverdale AONB
Jenny Brown's Point © Tony Riden
Grey seals © Ben Andrew

This toolkit has been produced for businesses working around Morecambe Bay that are interested in promoting what's special and unique about the area with their visitors and clients.

It provides information on the special nature of the Bay including its landscape, viewing places, wildlife, history and culture, traditions, top outdoor activities and journeys, and local food and drink. It is packed full of facts, information, quotes and top tips. All the images can be found in our Image Gallery and are free for businesses to use to promote the nature of the bay. Download your free Toolkit  below and start celebrating the things that are special and unique about the bay area with your visitors and customers. 

Morecambe Bay Sense of Place Toolkit

A-Z of wildlife -what, where and when to see

Sense of Place Toolkit by section


What Makes Morecambe Bay Special?

Dramatic natural landscape and views

Impressive and dynamic wildlife and nature

Fascinating heritage on water and land

Vibrant culture of tourism and festivals

Local food and drink experiences

Space for exploration

Be a part of the Bay

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